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If you’re an experienced adviser or¬†consultant to family¬†firms or family offices, you don’t need us to educate your clients about the business and financial issues ahead. You already do that. You do their estate planning, or facilitate their succession planning. Or you’re a specialist in their industry.

Our contribution comes when your work is blocked because your clients are in conflict, or paralyzed by fear of conflict.

Most of the examples on the Work page describe our collaboration with other advisers. Sometimes Ken plays a brief, specific role (facilitating one meeting, for example; or counseling one branch of a family). In other cases he has become a long term member of the advisory team. He has also consulted to other advisers without working directly with their clients.

Journal Articles for Professional Advisers, reprinted in The Dynamics of Family Business:

Penetrating the Cycle of Sustained Conflict. Family Business Review, April 1991

The Kid Brother. Family Business Review, Fall 1992 (short version here)

When the Family Business is a Sickness. Family Business Review, Winter 1996

Comment on Mediation. Family Business Review, Winter 1997

Happy Landings: The Opportunity to Fly Again Family Business Review, 1998

Mate Selection and Family Business Success Family Business Review, 1999

Realism about the Dream (Ken’s review of “Succeeding Generations” by Ivan Lansberg)

Roles of Trust in Consulting to Financial Families Family Business Review, 2004


PDF series on issue of trust among family business members:

“Incompatible Stories”
“Trust in the Family Enterprise” (compares family wealth offices with other family business)
“Destabilizing Excessive Trust in a Wealth Creator”


Complete list of Ken’s 40+ published articles about family business dynamics

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