Kenneth Kaye

  • “We would keep up the front of this totally problemless, happy-go-lucky group. There might have been a tremendous battle in our home, but if someone from outside came in, it would be as if the director yelled, ‘Roll ’em.’ We’d fall right into our stage roles. You’d get to wondering which was the true thing. It’s an awfully big load to carry, to be everyone’s fantasy family. How long can you keep protecting that image and never let any of the outside world in?” — David Nelson, interviewed in 1971 about “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”

This page lists some articles by Kenneth Kaye of particular interest to families in business. Click the titles to download.

Selected articles:

How to Interview a Family Business Psychologist

Conflict as Opportunity For Change

The Kid Brother: Prisoner of His Family’s Business

Brothers Who’d Rather Fight at any Cost

Mate Selection and Family Business Success

Realism about the Dream (Ken’s review of “Succeeding Generations” by Ivan Lansberg)

The Process of Trusting

Born Rich: Blessing or Curse?

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