Kenneth Kaye

Kenneth Kaye

Why Psychologists in the Family Business Field?

We consult to CEOs and principals of family enterprises, turning interpersonal conflicts into healthier, productive teamwork.

Our job is to help restore and maintain long term healthy relationships among family members, whether working in the business or not.

Who brings us in? Most often, other advisers do, for help with the emotional climate and interpersonal relationships. Or the Chairman or other family leader asks us to work in concert with their existing executive and advisory teams.

Ownership Succession Planning

How can you establish healthy procedures for maintaining family harmony through the life span of your growing business, as new people become involved and you plan for the future? (Read more …)

Next Generation Development

Are you suffering from a lack of leadership in the younger generation? Do you have family members trapped in the business, and not seen as real contributors? (Read more …)

Conflict Resolution

Is your family business in chronic conflict due to incompatible goals or clashing personality styles? (Read more …)


Does the family suffer from one or more members’ substance abuse problems? (Read more …)

Family Offices

Thanks to Dr. Kaye’s longtime association with Sara Hamilton’s Family Office Exchange (FOX), we have nearly 20 years experience resolving conflicts among owners of family financial offices. (Read more …)

Family Foundations

In most of the family financial offices with whom we have worked, sustaining their legacy of philanthropy has been critical for engaging the next generation. (Read more …)

Company Team Building

Perhaps the problem is simply that family members aren’t working together, and with employee managers, as a proactive team? (Read more …)


Sometimes Ken plays a brief, specific role (facilitating one meeting, for example; or counseling one branch of a family). In other cases he has become a long term member of the advisory team. He has also consulted to other advisors without working directly with their clients. (Read more …)

Fees, Confidentiality, and Ground Rules