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Addressing Addiction

You can’t believe this is happening. Your brother didn’t show up for work and the company’s biggest client is waiting in the lobby to see him. This meeting was already rescheduled once when Dan called in sick. On that occasion, Dan admitted he had been out late partying–and was too hung over to get out of bed.

You cringe when you remember screaming, “Dan, this has got to stop before you destroy the business as well as the family! Don’t you even care what you do anymore?” They were harsh words and they hurt Dan, but his behavior has been unacceptable for months. You thought he heard you, for he apologized profusely and promised to clean up his act and not miss any more work. It has been especially difficult for you because as angry as you are, you love your brother, you’ve always been close, and you want to believe him. But he didn’t show up and you are left holding the bag–again.

You know he needs help, but you don’t know what to do. You’ve tried talking with other family members. Your sister, Jane, agrees that Dan has a problem, but she is unsure how to handle the situation and tends to avoid conflict. Your father hasn’t seen as many problems as you have; Dan seems to have timed his late arrivals and missed appointments for when your father is away. Your older brother lives on the east coast, far from the family’s home base in the mid west, so he does not see what you and Jane see on a daily basis. As for your mother, whenever you’ve said anything negative about Dan she tells you to “stop being jealous”.

You know that Dan has a drinking problem and maybe a problem with other substances as well. How can you get him the help he needs in a loving way? How can you get your family members to admit that he has a problem?

Dr. Kaye’s Family Business Associates have considerable experience with individuals and families like yours–because those problems are quite common.

  • We can help you to identify whether you or any family member has an addiction or any other psychological problem needing treatment. Addictions go beyond substance abuse: they include gambling, obsessive pursuit of sex, and workaholism (common among entrepreneurs).
  • We will facilitate a dialogue between family members and create a supportive environment to address the issue.
  • Through our Associate, Dr. Sarah Warren, we¬†provide appropriate referrals to the best substance abuse counselors and treatment centers.
  • We are committed to confronting an individual who has a problem in order to minimize their damaging behavior without pointing fingers of blame or making a scapegoat of any family member.

If you or a family member face the symptoms of an addiction and need guidance in handling the situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your message will be treated with the same confidentiality as if you were a client.

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