The Dynamics of Family Business by Kenneth Kaye

The Dynamics of Family Business

Experts agree on the extraordinary value of The Dynamics of Family Business: Building Trust and Resolving Conflict

"What good fortune to have all of Kaye's thoughtful, insightful and provocative articles in one volume! No one describes the conflictual patterns in family enterprise better and no one better addresses how family advisors can intervene to build trust."

-Fredda Herz Brown, Managing Partner, The Metropolitan Group

"A manual that demystifies family business relationships and a survival guide for business consultants working with them. A must read!"

-Phillip Colon, Optimal Resolutions, Inc.

"Ken Kaye has been one of the best thinkers and writers in the field. I often return to his articles for sound theory and practical suggestions. Finally, they're all in one book!" -Jane Hilburt-Davis, President, Family Firm Institute

"Ken Kaye's articles are full of great illustrations that apply theory to practice. His engaging, provocative writing makes for a delightful read about solutions to the biggest challenges faced by business families. Keep a copy close to your desk."

-Stephen McClure, Family Business Consulting Group

"If there is one core issue facing family business it is how to overcome conflict and establish the trust that is vital in effective working relationships. Ken Kaye has been the key theorist/practitioner in bringing clear principles into play for working with families."

-Dennis Jaffe, Saybrook Graduate School

"For thinking outside the box, insightful understanding and innovative techniques, Kaye's book will be indispensable for those who care about the family enterprise."

-Jerry Kleiman, Optimal Resolutions, Inc.

"Ken Kaye's seminal work on the function of conflict in the business family is core knowledge needed by every practitioner."

-Mark Voeller, Dialogue Solutions, Inc.

And from the introduction by Joseph H. Astrachan:

"Ken Kaye is a pioneer in the understanding of conflict in family business. His writings have affected my work greatly. He has identified and explored the myriad of interactions among elements of conflict, from the role of childhood experience and family pathology to more immediate issues such as salary and dividends. His forays into topics such as the ways family firms tend to sustain problems, or the process of mate selection, are courageous and insightful."