Workplace Wars by Kenneth Kaye

Workplace Wars and How to End Them

Experts agree on the extraordinary value of Workplace Wars and How to End Them

"A thoroughly practical, readable book for people involved in conflicts and for managers overseeing people in conflict situations. Dr. Kaye draws useful lessons from his years of experience working with people in business conflicts. A well-conceived framework for problem solving, woven with practical examples from real business situations."
- J. Ronald Fox, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

"It's rare that a book so substantive can be so practical. This book is, as Kaye says, 'a manual for unlocking the energy of good people who are locked in combat.'"
- David J. Robino, former Senior Vice President, A.C.Nielsen; Vice President, AT&T;Vice Chairman, Gateway Corp.

"Dr. Kaye's brilliant analysis of recurring cycles of conflict enabled me to help change patterns of behavior that had hampered two managers for over a year. I strongly recommend this book to any manager who recognizes the importance of taking initiative when workplace wars get in the way of getting a job done."
- Joel Altschul, Chairman and CEO, Altschul Group Corporation

"Kaye provides practical advice that will be useful to any manager or consultant in managing conflicts in the workplace. He moves beyond academic theory in providing interesting, concrete recommendations."
- Max H. Bazerman, Straus Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School