Family Rules: Raising Responsible Children by Kenneth Kaye

Family Rules: Raising Responsible Children

"A remarkable achievement! ... Kaye balances his advice on rules with an illuminating discussion of how you can build your child's self-image every step of the way--from infancy through adolescence. I heartily recommend this thoughtful, practical guide." -- T. Berry Brazelton, MD

Dust Jacket Summary:

Your 15-year-old keeps breaking her curfew.
Your 10-year-old won't do his homework.
Your nagging doesn't work, and you're losing your patience.
What will it take to bring peace to this family?

If you're tired of arguing with children and complaining about them, this is the book for you. Full of warmth and wisdom, this best-selling guide to parenting by respected psychologist and family therapist Kenneth Kaye explains how you can custom design for your own family a set of straightforward rules that make discipline easy-- rules which can be easily modified as family life improves.

With clever and insightful examples, Dr. Kaye explains:

In order to grow into happy, self-respecting adults, your children need the security of clear, consistently enforced rules. Family Rules teaches you everything you need to know to raise responsible children--without yelling or nagging!

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